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ConstantSEE Platform

4/20/2011 4/20/2011 by Brenda Eguilos

US Tracers provides daily-updated Place of Employment (POE), Bank Account, Home Address, Contact Phone (wireless, landline, and work numbers), and Associates (people that know how to reach debtors) information.  Our customers include major banks, creditors, and debt buyers.   

Because our data is timely, unique, and easily accessible, customers are able to design workflows to leverage the data within virtually any environment. 

Our robust platform supports many access options to meet even the most demanding requirements including:  website for interactive searches, highly flexible batch processing (SSL upload, SDK, and SFTP), account monitoring, email alerts, web services (for integration), web parts (for “drop in” integration with web-based software and websites), and many other custom options are available.

A basic report includes over 50 data points including highly predictive data that may be used to perform and time wage garnishments, bank levies, skip-tracing, collections, pre-litigation due diligence, scoring models, and pre/post portfolio valuation (even when truncated). 

In addition, we provide a next-generation servicing platform called ConstantSee that provides a turn-key solution to receive, validate, manage, update, and capitalize on provided information.

Pricing plans begin at $40 per month.  Free website trial period and test batches are available. 

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